The Journey Begins

A coastal bay with rocks, sea, and cliffs.
A bay on the North Yorkshire Coast, near to Scarborough.

Welcome to this new blog! Expect to find short fairy stories and folk tales related to Yorkshire, plus the occasional bit of extra folklore.

I’m originally from Birmingham, born on an enormous (new) council estate, and heard very little tales set in the area. I’ve lived in Yorkshire, however, most of my adult life and wanted to be able to tell my children local fairy stories when they were relatively young. Even though I knew there must be local stories (old Yorkshire is full of fairy folk), I struggled to find them – fairy stories were dominated by the “usual suspects”, often Disneyfied versions of European folk tales.

So I’ve tried to pull a few together over the last few years (even though my children are too old to be interested in me telling stories now), and I’ll post a selection here.

Most will be old versions from out of copyright sources (maybe tweaked slightly by me), but the occasional one may be original, stitched together from tiny elements of folklore I’ve heard in the local area.